Volunteer With Us!

Each day, KDCCC utilizes volunteers from all walks of life to work with our children alongside our experienced KDCCC staff. Volunteers will learn effective parenting skills, basic child development, and appropriate ways to interact with infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. They also experience the joy of caring for a fun and diverse group of children. Volunteers are never left alone with children and are always supervised by KDCCC staff.
KDCCC’s caring volunteers are members of the community, students at local colleges, or they come to us through programs, such as Youth Opportunities Unlimited, Michigan Works! PATH Program, AARP and Teen Volunteers.

If you are intreested in becoming a KDCCC Volunteer

Please call our Volunteer Coordinator, Beth Walters at 382-3640 for an interview appointment. Potential volunteers will fill out a volunteer application and we will conduct 2 background checks [Michigan State Police Criminal History & State of Michigan Child Abuse & Neglect Registry]. Volunteers will have an orientation and work with our Volunteer Coordinator to create a schedule for when they will volunteer.
Please see our Volunteer Handbook for a more detailed explanation of what to expect when you volunteer with KDCCC.

KDCCC Volunteer Board of Directors

As a non-profit organization, KDCCC functions under the direction of a Board of Directors. Board members work together to promote KDCCC in the community and help maintain financial stability for the Center through fundraising and grant writing. Board members serve 3 year terms. The Board of Directors meets every third Tuesday of the month. To inquire about becoming a member of our Board of Directors, please contact the Executive Director, Kathy McNinch.

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