Excellent service. The team does an amazing job. I have put my son here more for than a year. We still love this place.

I am able to make my extremely important appointments on time and run errands.

KDCCC helps me out in so many ways when I need to go to doctor appointments and study for my college classes.

 KDCCC has helped so much with going back to school. It has allowed me to have uninterrupted time to study as well as take tests.

I work part-time, but can’t afford full-time care. Between using family members and KDCCC, I am able to work to help support my family.

Working from home is now a lot easier and quieter when I need to speak with clients. KDCCC has helped me stay productive in my work.

KDCCC helped me transition from unemployed to employed. I was able to search for jobs and go to interviews while my daughter was at The Center.

Having KDCCC around has made it so much easier to see my therapists and my practitioner when needed.

As the caregiver of my 5 grandchildren, KDCCC allows me and my husband much needed alone time and time to run errands, go to appointments, and grocery shop.

As a parent of 4 on a low income, KDCCC has given me the freedom to run errands, do laundry, and hunt for jobs uninterrupted.