Volunteer Coordinator

Katherine is our newest addition to the team. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Child and Family Development from WMU. As the volunteer coordinator, she assists and orients new volunteers and handles other administrative duties at the center.

Cassandra Macey

Lead Preschool Teacher

Cassandra, our Lead Preshool Teacher, previously worked in Kalamazoo Public School preschool and special education preschool programs.

Liza Norton

Assistant Preschool Teacher

Liza, our Assistant Preschool Teacher, holds a Bachelor Degree in Family Studies and a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education, both from WMU. She brings with her more than 13 years of early childhood experience.

Marina Morales

Lead Infant/Toddler Teacher

Marina, our Lead Infant/Toddler Teacher, has many years of experience with all age groups of children.  She has her CDA in Preschool and is going to work towards her CDA in Infants/Toddlers.  She can’t wait to help your children learn!

Heidi Albertson

Assistant Director & Lead Infant/Toddler Teacher

Heidi holds a Bachelor Degree in Social Work from WMU. As the Assistant Director and Lead Infant/Toddler Teacher, she has been an integral part of KDCCC for over 23 years.

Kathy McNinch

Executive Director

Kathy brings a wealth of early childhood experience to the Center. She has been a Center Director for 30+ years, with over 25 of those years spent here at KDCCC.